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1 B Bogacki L Toleman S Horne A Stokes
2 P Smigowski J McKeon L Thompson K Cummings
3 H Goggle J Stewart G Gray L O'Halloran
4 M Stratton C Mostyn S Moosbrugger M Bradley
5 A Davis Y Edwards C Rundell  
6 J Penny J Doherty B Wheeler J Barras
7 S Brown M Llewellyn N Anderson C Butcher
8 K Hardy S Hofmaier B Glasgow G Stevens
9 J Flitton M Brushfield P Jolly P Hutchinson
10 R Ollis K Egan M Hill  
11 H Perkins N Stacey S McLean S O'Brien
12 V Bibby A Rowe B Birkett K Spry
13 R Zenk D Ewen M Lucas P Graham
14 J Zentgraf E Alston S Tims P Clark
15 S Morris J Fraser L Rabbas J Inman
16 S Keaton S Alderson L Entwistle  
17 H Gaylard H Price H Beales B Yee
18 T Long H Mays C Stanesby K Carroll

Range balls 2.jpgDriving Range Balls

Please note that only Driving Range balls are allowed to be hit on the range. You must not hit ordinary balls.

This has been introduced by the Committee on a trial basis following several near misses on the first fairway, especially around the corner, as big hitters cleared the top of the fence. 

It is hoped that the range balls, with their lower compression, will overcome this problem and obviate the need to further extend the fence height

Robert McFarlane - General Manager

21 March 2017

Raffle Results

The winners of the first Raffle, drawn on Sat 18/3, were:

David Foster - Meat Tray

Geoffrey Kennedy - Slab of beer

Tickets for the next raffle will be available at the bar in the Club House tomorrow (21/3) for $2 a pop. As soon as 100 tickets are sold there will be another draw, and a new raffle commenced.

This will be an ongoing fund raising initiative, so please lend your support, and who knows, you could be one of the next luck winners!!

** 11th Fairway - Change to Local Rules **

As of 18/3, the compulsory tee up on the 11th is restricted to balls inside the blue dotted lines along each side of the fairway.

Any ball outside of these lines is to be played in the normal manner ie without a tee up.

Further changes to Local Rules generally, including relief on bare patches, are to become effective from 1 April. Please keep your eye on the Boards to make sure you don't miss them.

Ian Knell 

Club Captain

Pennant.jpgPennant Results 19/2:

Division 1 - Bye

Division 3 - halved their match against Ocean Grove at Portarlington 31/2 - 31/2


The snake between the 5th green and 6th tee has been spotted by many players. It comes out to warm up in the sun between groups. Although the snake tends to keep to itself, it could be a problem if someone stirs it up.

We have had the snake catcher out a number of times, but he has had no luck in catching it and the council will not remove the tree while there is a snake in residence.


Chris Crabbe and his boys have won the Vic Junior 
Championships by 3, for the second year.
Vic Junior Champions.jpg

Note to Players.
Please do not use nicknames on score cards or NTP cards. If a nickname is used on NTP card, the previous player will be awarded the trophy.

Members note that we have a new addition to our Committee. Bev Wigley has nominated for the position of Vice President and has been accepted by the Committee. She joins Dawn Forbes who took on the role of Treasurer back in December. Welcome Bev to the Committee and thanks to Dawn and Bev for taking on these important roles.

Dale Burns. President.

Dawn Forbes.JPG
Bev Wigley_2.png
Dawn Forbes - TreasurerBev Wigley - Vice President

download.pngReminder about Club's Heat Policy

For player safety, all competition will be cancelled on days where the temperature is forecast to be 37 degrees or more.

The decision will be based on the Channel 7 evening News forecast for Geelong, and will be final even if there is a subsequent change in the forecast.

I'll endeavour to place notification on the web site in the event of any  cancellation. However, if you are in any doubt please call the office first thing in the morning.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ian Knell - Captain

computer image.jpgClub Web Site is a great way to find out the latest news on things going on around the club as well as checking out match results which are usually available on the site the same day or early next.

Can you please let your golfing buddies know about it and how to log on. The more we get using the site the better. If you have any "newsy" items you'd like to submit we'd love to hear from you. Simply email details through to '"   

And a reminder,  if you haven't yet had your photo taken, you can also email it to the above address so that it can be included with results etc.


Andrew Beechey           


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